CHRR – during the period of a few hours of gathering the families of people arrested during a rally yesterday officials composed a list of 1500 prosecutors that were read and all detainees were transferred to Evin prison.

It should be mentioned this morning and on February 26, detainees gathered yesterday in Tehran at the Revolutionary Court and in the streets and teachers transferred their records that have been formed. However, this morning special unit attacked and beat the families of the detainees that were against the Revolutionary Court.

Last night Special Force Police were assigned to disperse the families going to rally against the police stations. While 148 visitors going to the revolution were attacked the police and security authorities continue to refuse to respond to any families of the detainees.

۱۵۰۰ tons of detainee’s name, while a little before Sardar Ahmad Reza Radan the Tehran’s police chief in an interview declared the number of detainees reached 150 tons.

It is mentioned that in the last days of a violent clash with the police in protests in Tehran, a citizen was killed and at least three bullet wounds and also had direct Shklyk. Fars News Agency also confirmed the news with factors related to this violence, “hypocrites” is read.

Translated by S.Ravandi